11 Effective Content Types to Engage Your Audience


If you're creating live content for a chat or breaking news event, you'll be using the Content Studio. So we want to present you with these 11 Effective Content Types so you can use to engage your audience from the very beginning.

  1. Original Content - 61% of consumers prefer companies that create custom online material (Singh 2014). Content Studio gives you the ability to structure your live reporting. Your audience will find it much easier to navigate your live blog if you use visual cues like headers, bullet points or bold text. Either style it with the available style tools in text editor or add HTML code to customize.
  2. 3rd Party Embeds and Links - Make your content stand out  by including interesting 3rd party information such as an interactive map, embeddable infographic or lead generation form. To do this, you can paste the embed or link in the RichText Editor.
  3. Content Icons - Make critical news stand out with content icons. This is also a great tool if you want your audience to complete an action such as buy tickets or visit a part of your website.
  4. Slideshow - To encourage interaction with your content, create a slideshow. It can include multiple images, videos and social posts in one seamless post.
  5. Poll - Want to know what your audience cares about?... Ask them a question through a poll. This interactive experience gives you data and insight into your community of viewers. You can pin a poll or any post so it doesn’t get lost in the flow of content.
  6. Scoreboards - Sports fan know the value of live coverage. Keep them tuned in to your page by using a live scoreboard from a major league. Manual scoreboards can also be customized for other events.
  7. User Comments and Questions - Keep audiences on your page by holding a live chat around current topics or events. Leverage your thought leaders, specialists, or sponsored partners. The Content Studio facilitates this authentic but moderated conversation with your viewers.
  8. Quotes - Highlight your organization’s opinions and tips from subject matter experts using the quote feature.
  9. Caption Images, Audio and Video - 1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if they don’t have videos ("7 Benefits of Captioning Videos", 2016). So upload original videos, audio clips, images and PDFs using the Direct Upload Button.
  10. Posts from Social Media - Search for more content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Getty Images, all from the platform. Reuse your social content, highlight you online presence and take advantage of the power of user generated content. You can automate this process by autofollowing certain people or hashtags.
  11. Tweet and Post - With just one click you can amplify your live reporting with the Tweet and Post feature. It helps you expand the reach of your voice, making it easier for people to learn about the content.

With these 11 effective content types you will keep your audience engaged on your page during a live event.

We can’t wait to see what you create!



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