Create a Post in the Rich Text Editor

Publish engaging and eye-catching content using the features in our Rich Text Editor. Whether your content is created by your team or curated from social channels, our editing and styling options allow you to display content in a way that is consistent with your brand.

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Create a Post in the Content Studio

Posts are created in the Rich Text Editor (RTE). Our Rich Text Editor gives you multiple formatting options, allowing you to create visually appealing and engaging articles. There are multiple ways to create a post:

  • Enter original content in the RTE, including text and uploaded images
  • Add social content to the RTE from the Search Content panel using the "Add to text editor" button
  • Drag content (comments, social content, etc.) from the Moderation Hub or Social Hub into the RTE
  • Enter a URL or embed code into the RTE and add commentary
  • You also have the option of publishing immediately to the stream, scheduling content or sending the post to the Mod Hub to publish later on


Formatting your content in the Content Studio:

The following formatting options are available in the Content Studio's Rich Text Editor:


Bold Clear Formatting Alignment/Justification Undo and Redo Expanding Content Editor
Italic Underline & Strikethrough Multi-Column Templates Hyperlink Options

Multiple Font Styles
Quotations Bulleted & Numbered Lists Text Colour and Background Colour Image Uploading Multiple Headers (Formats)




Paste a URL into the Rich Text Editor to encourage readers to visit a certain webpage. If an image is part of the OG meta tag, pasting the URL will result in an image preview, a link to the original article, and an editable article description. 

The image and article link below were generated by pasting the following link into the editor box: