Create, Organize and Add Content Icons to Your Posts

Content Icons are a feature of the content editor that allows you to highlight posts in your stream to distinguish them from their content counterparts. When selected, a content icon will appear as a custom-colored flag, displaying an image and/or text. The content icon will appear at the top-right corner of a post. Click here for more information on content icons and how you can use them when curating content.

Dashboard > Manage > Content Icons
Permission Level
Administrator, Developers, Editors


Create and Organize Icons in the Content Studio

To create and organize content icons that can be used across multiple streams, follow these steps:

1. To access the Manage Icons page, click Manage > Icons on the left sidebar.
2. Click on Add Folder to create a folder to organize your icons into for easier access during the content creation process.
3. Click on Upload Icon to select an image from your computer. 

Note: For best results, select an image that is 100px by 100px. Images that are not a square will be automatically cropped and resized.



Add the following to your content icons:

  • Label - The label will appear as text on the content icon.
  • Colour - Customize the background and text color for each content icon. For example, include your brand or event hex codes.
  • Link - Add a hyperlink to each content icon to direct your readers to a particular page. 


Add a Content Icon to Your Post  
(Content Studio)

A content icon will appear as a flag on the upper right corner of a post. In the Content Studio, a Content Icon can be added to a post before or after a post is published to the stream.

How to add a Content Icon to a Post:

1. Click the Flag icon at the bottom left of the published post.

2. Select a folder from the drop-down menu to view the Content Icons in that folder.

3. Click on a Content Icon to select it, then click Save.

4. The Content Icon will automatically appear at the top right of the published post.