Rock Content Product Updates


Business Customer now has Cost Centre

We start today's post with great news for Business customers of Studio: As of this update, the Cost Center is available when creating entries.


Stage now has 24/7 support

Stage, our WordPress hosting solution, now offers 24/7 support for our customers, which guarantees support for any events that might happen!


reCAPTCHA is now available for Rock Convert

We just launched a new functionality for the Rock Convert plugin that will increase the security of your website forms. Check how to implement it!


Improvements and new features in Studio

In this update we have made small improvements in workflow performance, search filters in the financial module, and insertion of the option for the...


Check out the latest Studio enhancements

In this update were implemented in the modules for communication with the customer and with the external collaborator. 


Check out the Studio's latest updates

In order to ensure that you continue to have the best possible experience with our platform, we have made some improvements and fixes to reported...

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