How ion Collects Data: Part 3 - Exporting Data

The data collected in your database can be sent to you in the body of an email, attached to a file that is emailed to you on a regular basis and/or exported to a third party web service. You can create integrations in your console to export your data using your preferred method. Below, please find a breakdown of the types of integrations you can set up within your ion console.

Email Integrations

These options allow for an automated export of collected data. Exports can occur in real-time or can be set to export at the beginning of the hour at your preferred frequency.


Partner Integrations

ion's platform currently supports several built-in partner integrations. These partner integrations create an automated way for users to map data collected in ion to corresponding data fields in the respective system.


Other, All-Purpose Integration Options

Along with the built-in integration methods, ion also supports integrating with most modern marketing technology systems through a number of common integration options.



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