How ion Collects Data: Part 1 - Introduction

The ion platform can be used to build landing pages geared toward lead generation. You will find a lot of great landing page options available within the Quick Start Cloud that will help you build out your lead gen experiences to collect information from your respondents. The data you collect from your respondents can be downloaded from your console into an Excel file, sent to you via email and/or exported to a third party web service like Salesforce, Eloqua or Marketo (to name a few).

Getting Started

Your ion console has the Quick Start Cloud which is an ever-growing collection of flexible Quick Start creative experiences ready to publish and launch! These creatives will give you a big head start when building your marketing experiences by giving you a template which can be branded, modified and quickly taken live.

Browse the Cloud

To browse the Quick Starts available, go to a campaign and click the green “New creative” button to add a new creative.

From here, click the Quick Starts Category dropdown menu to browse our collection of high-performance creatives organized by content-type and usage. For example, you have "Landing Pages,” “Quizzes,” and “eBooks and Whitepapers” categories, to name a few.

We encourage you to experiment with Quick Starts! A great way to get started is to use the Quick Start Cloud as a jumping-off point to build your own creatives. With a few updates you should be ready to go live in no time!



How Data is Saved

The ion platform will store data collected from your forms into a dedicated database for your console. By default, data will be saved into the database as soon as a respondent enters it into a form.

Your console will also automatically save anything that is passed into an experience over the query string.

Another way to save data into your console’s database is through advanced rules. Rules are added to some experiences to save hidden data and perform advanced functions.


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