Password Protect Your Pages

There may be occasions where you would like to make visitors enter a password before they are able to advance to your experience. This could be an experience made for internal purposes or one where you would only want certain visitors to have access to content. Lookup tables can be used to password protect your ion pages.

Before we begin…

You will want to have an understanding of how to create lookup tables within your console. For more information on lookup tables, click here.

For this support post, we will be using the UserName field as the lookup key and a Password field for the lookup value. Before setting this up, you will want to upload a lookup table to your console with the user names and corresponding passwords.

In our example, we will be using a lookup table called “Passwords” which we have attached to this post in case you would like to set up an example in your console.

You will also want to have a form which includes a user name field and password field set up on an ion page. This form should be pointed toward a “Sorry” page for anyone who does not have a valid user name and password. An advanced rule will be applied to the form to send visitors with valid credentials to the experience.

Let’s get started

Password protected sites typically ask visitors for their user name and password. With your lookup table uploaded to your console, you may run the below rule to check the visitor's user name from your form against the password that was entered into your ion form.

For a larger discussion of lookup table conditions, you may want to check the Lookup Table Condition support post.

*NOTE: The passwords used in this method will not be case sensitive. When testing, you will need to use a live URL as this will not function as desired when in a Preview environment.