How can I test my website's performance and analyze the results?

Learn how and where to test your site's loading speed

The content available on the Internet grows more each day, and so users are becoming more selective about the content they consume. Besides, the loading speed of your website is an evaluated criterion for ranking within search pages. Considering these two aspects, we have concluded that it is extremely necessary to know your website scores in terms of loading speed!

A great tool to check this score is the PageSpeed Insights website, which you can access by clicking on this link. I'll teach you how to use it below:

First step

First, let's get the URL of our website. To do that, go to the home page and copy all the text of the browser's top text field.

Second step

Once we have copied our website URL, we go to the Page Speed Insights website and paste it into the available text field and then click on the Analyze button. 

Third step

Page Speed will begin an analysis of your site, and it will quickly return the results to you. In the upper left corner, we can change whether we want to see the results from mobile or desktop, and in the center of our screen is the result of the analysis. The best possible outcome would be to reach 100 points on both tabs, but a green score is already a great result!


After viewing the result, we can scroll down to the Opportunities section, where the platform shows us where we can gain more speed on our website and, also, what is taking more time to load. By clicking on the down arrow, it highlights the details of each section.


If your site is slow, we have another tutorial showing what you can do to improve it. You can access it by clicking on this link!

Any questions? Check here how to contact support!