What to do when my website hosted on Stage is offline

Find out what to do if your website hosted on Stage goes offline

Stage's uptime rate is 99.9%, but there could be an incompatibility with an installed plugin or a momentary instability on the server,  that makes your website go offline for a while. If that happens, see what you can do to help normalize the situation as quickly as possible:

The first step to understand why your website or blog has gone offline is to verify that the DNS is correctly pointed to Stage's IP. This is because, if any changes were made on the domain manager that affected the DNS pointing, the site may be down until the DNS record is corrected.

A site that is properly hosted on the Stage needs the DNS pointing to be correct, so if you have questions about how to do it correctly, we recommend that you contact your domain manager support.

If you've verified that the DNS pointing is correct or you're absolutely sure it's hosted with us and there have been no recent changes to the domain manager, check our status page to see if we're experiencing any instability.

Any possible instability in the platform will be properly reported on our status page and you can monitor in real time the solution forecast and normalization of everything. It is still possible to subscribe to receive any news by email;

Seu site está apontado corretamente e a página de status do Stage não indica nenhuma instabilidade no sistema? Não se preocupe que nós vamos te ajudar.

Our team monitors all websites hosted on our system 24/7, so if your website for any reason went down, we have already received a warning about it and we are working to resolve and stabilize the connection with the website or blog ASAP.

You can also contact our support (How to contact Rock Stage's Support) every day of the week at any time to request a report on what happened.