External tracking: A/B testing Ion experiences against external pages

Add a script to your Ion page for external tracking.

To test a creative that has been produced in Ion against a landing page that is located outside of Ion (your "control"), you'll need to add Ion’s external tracking script to the 'thank you' or confirmation page. The script, along with instructions, can be found under Integrations > “External tracking” in your Ion console (contact your account manager if you have questions about the external tracking script).

Follow the steps below to get the test set up in Ion:

  1. Add a new creative to the campaign. You don't need to include content in this creative because it will redirect to your control. Think of this as a placeholder creative — in the next steps you will set up advanced rules that bypass this creative and send visitors directly to your control outside of Ion.
  2. Click on the rules button in the Page tab in your creative studio.
  3. Choose the condition 'no conditions required'.
  4. Choose the action 'go to external URL'. Type in the URL of the control you would like to test against your Ion creative(s).
  5. Save
  6. Exit the page and go back to the 'creative management' screen; switch the mode from ‘draft’ to 'engaged'. This is now your control creative. When visitors arrive on this page they will be seamlessly directed to your control.
  7. You will know the control redirect is working when you click on the blue preview icon, it should take you directly to your control page and bypass the Ion creative entirely.
  8. Add a URL and split traffic between the Control and Ion creative(s) you wish to test.

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@rockcontent.com. 😀