Support: Experience-Specific Dialogue Data

Assessments, quizzes and solution finders (just to name a few) can garner pretty incredible data. Beyond contact information, your interactive content can strategically collect the information you seek to optimize your marketing efforts and empower your sales team. We call this powerful information Dialogue Data. 

Perhaps you’re publishing a mix of interactive content experiences that vary between fun quizzes meant to engage and entertain your respondents and solution builders that generate a result that is of high value to your Sales team. It’s a mix when it comes to the value of your Dialogue Data! If this sounds like your immediate plan, using an experience-specific strategy to export Dialogue Data to your target platform(s) could be the best route for you.

Unlike devising a Global Data Dialogue strategy, leveraging an experience-specific plan is more fluid. This requires less upfront legwork, but you will need to create new fields in your target platform(s), as needed. Corresponding updates will be made to your data integration in Ion along the way. Read on to learn more about exporting dialogue data on a per experience basis!

Create Fields in target platform(s), as needed

In Ion, we use a Field Mapping to sync data collected through your interactive content to corresponding fields in your target platform. Basic data collected on forms (first name, last name, phone and email) will have external fields in your target platform available to map data to. The result from an assessment, however, likely doesn’t have a dedicated field in your target platform that Ion can populate. On an experience (or campaign) basis, you can create new fields in your target platform for Ion to extend actionable data points to.

Each time a data point of value will need to be exported, a dedicated field can be created in your target platform. In Ion, a corresponding data field can be created to save this value. A new row can be added to your data integration’s Field Mapping that correlates the new Ion field to the new field in your target platform.

Create a generic field strategy

This option is a bit of a hybrid between an experience-specific and global strategy to export Dialogue Data. In your target platform, you can create a set of generic fields labeled Q1-Q10 and A1-A10, for example. Corresponding data fields can be created in Ion. In your data integration's Field Mapping, the generic Ion fields will be synced with the generic fields in your target platform. 

When publishing Ion experiences, the generic fields can be used to save and export the question and answer values that are of value to your target platform. These fields can be used to save a range of actionable data points across your experiences, like key assessment findings or various scores and/or results.

During your onboarding with Ion, the team here can work with you to to ensure all data points you seek to receive from your first interactive content experience are exported to your target platform. We can also provide training around how to make updates to your integration, as needed.

The examples above are data strategies we've helped our existing customers implement, but these aren't the only options. To learn more, please contact our Support Team to get the ball rolling!