Support: Global Dialogue Data

Assessments, quizzes and solution finders (just to name a few) can garner pretty incredible data. Beyond contact information, your interactive content can strategically collect the information you seek to optimize your marketing efforts and empower your sales team. We call this powerful information Dialogue Data.

The key to reaping the benefits of Dialogue Data is to devise a strategy that enables you to funnel meaningful information collected through Ion experiences to the right platform(s) and people. Devising a Global Dialogue Data strategy could be the best route for you if you'd like to use a single integration across all of your Ion experiences, and seek a one-time field creation solution in your target platform(s).

Read on for examples of implementing a global strategy for export dialogue data!

Global mash-up for Marketing Automation

Ion can export multiple data points to a single field in your target platform. If your Marketing Automation Platform can scan a mash-up field, the team here at Ion can create an integration field that will export all of the data points your MAP uses to make decisions on segmenting, scoring and/or targeting to single field.

For example, if each respondent exported to your MAP should include a result or score, along with a few key data points your MAP uses to make decisions, we can ensure each data point you indicate always populates your single MAP field when the integration runs, across all of your Ion interactive content experiences.

Sell-Side view for Sales Enablement

Ion's Sell-Side feature makes it incredibly simple to empower your sales team with easily consumable, meaningful data - and it only requires a single field to be created in your CRM. When an integration runs, the lead record created will include a URL to the User Timeline enabling Sales to instantly view the prospect's interactive journey and Sell-Side page, providing them with every bit of relevant information available!

During your onboarding with Ion, the team here can work with you to devise a Global Data Dialogue strategy. The examples above are data strategies we've helped our existing customers implement, but these aren't the only options. To learn more, please contact our Support Team to get the ball rolling!