Sharing Sell-Side Insights

Building a Sell-Side experience is a great way to see what visitors are interacting with. In the past, reviewing user behavior would typically require someone (or a team of people) to review a complex mix of data in a CRM or database which made interpreting this data and following up with prospects time consuming and inefficient.

You can use Sell-Side experiences to cut through the clutter and allow you and your team to view the user’s digital body language quicker and make following up more efficient by reviewing the user’s interactions within the context of the actual experience.

Instead of looking at data collected into a series of fields in your CRM, you can export a simple link which you and your team can click to view the the user’s interactions within the context of the actual page they viewed. You can even customize your Sell-Side pages to give your team helpful hints and messaging to use when following up with a prospect.

To include a link to Sell-Side pages with your integration, simply add a new field to the integration’s field mappings and select the “UserTimelineURL” core field.

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