New Feature: Multiple Selection

This functionality allows you to select many of the same elements of a page within Creative Studio and edit them all at once!

In our constant efforts to make Ion continuously easier to use, we launched the Multiple Selection tool to optimize basic/core editing: now Ion users can select a number of the same elements of a Creative and edit all of them at the same time, which helps them to create and edit more experiences, customizing Quick Starts faster by performing bulk edits. 

Before, whenever an Ion user wanted to change some characteristics of their Creative (Color, Alignment, Animation etc.), particularly in regards to styling, it was necessary to select and edit each component individually. 

Now, to select multiple of the same element at once, you will press Control (ctrl) on Windows or Command (cmd) on MacOS and click the elements to be selected with the left mouse button. After making the selection, users can apply Micro-themes to the selected elements or change their Layout settings. In the example below, multiple Texts were selected and received the same Text Micro-themes changes, like Color, Font Size etc.

You can either select an element first, like a Column, and press Control to keep selecting other Columns, or you can hold Control from the start, before the first selection. If you go with the first option, you will see that only the selection of the same elements is available upon Control (only other Columns can be selected after the first). To deselect the elements, just release the Control/Command button and click any other element or part of the experience.

Notice that Multiple Selection works with the same elements. Users can select and edit multiple Textboxes at once, then repeat with images. However, it is not possible to edit a Textbox and an Image at the same time. Additionally, the changes are relative to styling - the option to edit Behaviors, Actions and Rules will be disabled upon selection of multiple elements that might contain them since these are usually different anyway.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 😀