HubSpot: Export data overview

You have two integration methods to select from when exporting data from Ion to your HubSpot instance (also known as an "Add Lead" integration): the REST API method and the Post to Web Form method. Both methods can work seamlessly with your Ion creatives. The best method for you will depend on how you like to trigger automation in HubSpot.



Our native integration creates/updates contacts directly in your HubSpot contact table. This method often requires less effort to update or expand your integration in the future. However, it won't trigger form processing steps or support creation of segments filtered on form completion, since it does not submit a HubSpot form.


Post to Web Form

A Post to Web Form integration is what it sounds like: data collected in Ion is posted to a form you've published in HubSpot. While the customer sees a form you built in Ion (and data is saved to your Ion console), HubSpot treats it like someone completed the HubSpot form directly.

This method often requires more effort to update or expand your integration in the future, as any changes must be made to both your ion integration and your HubSpot form(s). The benefits of this method are the ability to trigger automation in HubSpot based on form completion.


Check out the table below for a more detailed explanation of this method.