How to clear the cache when accessing a webpage?

Cache is an essential tool for optimizing the loading speed of a website. But at times, we need to see the uncached version of some webpages. In this article, we show some ways to do this!

What is cache

Cache is a store of information about a webpage. 

It serves to increase the loading speed of websites. It works by saving part of the information, so it takes less time to be available to the user.

It is a useful way of increasing the performance of websites. But, at times, it can load broken pages - so it is relevant to know how to clean it.

The cache has several sources: it can be in plugins installed in WordPress, in the browser, or on the internet network itself. So you may want to know how to clean it all. 

Clearing the browser’s cache

There are different ways to clear your browser cache, and it is critical to test them all.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + shift + R. The page will reload without the cached content;
  • Open the link in anonymous tab;
  • At the end of the link, add a "?" followed by random characters. For example, if the page you want to see without a cache is, add "?" and the characters to the URL's end, becoming In doing so, we are "cheating" the browser system: it believes that it is a completely new page, and does not pre-load any information.

Clearing the Wordpress plugin cache

While configuring a cache plugin, it is essential to clean it up inside of it. As the way to do this is specific to each plugin, and there is a huge variety of them, remember to look for tutorials related to the plugins you have installed on your WordPress.

Network cache

Often, information gets saved on our internet network - that's why coworkers in your office see a page version while people from other places send different prints.

To deal with the network cache, you can change your access point or clear your network cookies.

Changing your access point is accessing another network. To do this, just turn off your cell phone's Wi-Fi, turn on your 4G and access the page you want to see.

Clearing network cookies depends on which browser you use:

It is important to remember that by clearing cookies, you are deleting all data saved in your browser, such as your saved passwords.

Clearing Wordpress and CDN Cache

Sometimes, the information can be saved in the WordPress cache and server, and thus cause inconsistencies when viewing updates made on the page.

To clear the server's cache, the Rock Stage has a feature that facilitates this process. The step by step to use it is as follows: 

1: 1: Access your Stage panel, login link: Stage


2: Now click on the dashboard of the website you want to clear the cache


3: Within the dashboard, scroll down to "Cache" and click "Clear cache"


After a few seconds, the platform should return the message of success