How to add a new page to my WordPress site

1- Access your WordPress dashboard by adding / wp-admin to the end of your URL

2- On the left side menu, hover your mouse over "Pages" and click "Add new":

3 - The WordPress editor will open for you to insert the content you want on your new page:

If you prefer, you can choose any of the ready-made templates in the right side column, under "Document"> "Page attributes"> "Template":


4- To choose the URL for the page, all you have to do is access the Permanent link tab, on the side menu:

In this field, you will define what will be after your URL, such as

5- Finally, when satisfied, you can put the page on the air by clicking on Publish.

That's it! Your new page is live!


You can create institutional, contact pages, free materials, among many others!


After creating the new page, if you want to insert it in the menu, we teach you how to do it here.


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