Creative Brief Overview

The Creative Brief is a roadmap that points everyone involved in the project in the same direction and helps us find the right team. It specifies the story, data, and aesthetic style of your final deliverable. More detail in your brief leads to less confusion, a quick project turnaround, and a great experience for everyone involved.

If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll notice that we recently overhauled our brief in an effort to improve our project matching, kick-off, and execution. In doing so we separated the brief into six distinct areas: Objective, Creative Inspiration, Audience, Existing Materials, Execution, and Project Management. As the first step in the creation of your amazing new visualization, please review our sample creative briefs and plan to invest the appropriate amount of time into completing your brief. Keep reading for an outline of each section.

Video Sample Brief
Graphic Design Sample Brief
Interactive Sample Brief

Objective: The questions in this section outline the key goals for your project including any calls to action and how you plan to use the content. The information provided here ensures that all members of your project team are working toward the same outcome and that your assigned talent understands the why behind your content creation needs.

Creative Inspiration: This section allows you to select from a curated set of visuals to identify which aesthetic styles best match your vision. You have the opportunity to identify your tone, key elements you want included, and/or provide your own style examples. Your assigned creatives will use this information to create your own custom content––crafted specifically for your needs based on your vision.

Audience: Use this section to tell us about your business and the viewers you are trying to reach. Understanding whether your audience is scientists or millennials (or millennial scientists) will ensure that the creative choices your talent makes will resonate with your key demographics.

Existing Materials: You’ve worked hard on your brand identity and we want to support your brand by delivering content that is on brand and inclusive of any brand assets. Use this section to provide us your logos, brand and/or voice guidelines and any other assets you’d like your team to use in your design.
If you are providing the final copy for your project, you’ll provide that here. Design work cannot begin until final copy is provided. Read <link> more about preparing final copy for your project.

Execution: Answer the questions in this section to  provide specific dimensions and file type needs. If you plan to share on specific channels, providing this information will help ensure your final work is sized and designed to display well in the chosen medium.

Project Management: Our Platform is designed to carry many of the key project management tasks for you––allowing you and your team to focus on making beautiful content. Providing key details here regarding kick-off preferences and timelines allows us to set up your project based on your needs. Read more about project timelines