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Engage´s Twitter integration is accessed through their API. Before we can access Twitter’s data however, you will be required to sign-into Twitter. Note: The Twitter account you use to sign- in with will not be seen by your front-end users or linked to your Engage profile. That is, signing into Twitter will only enable you to:

Click on the headings below to learn more about connecting and disconnecting Engage Access to Twitter.


Access Twitter Integrated Features in the Engage Back-End

To access any of the above Twitter-integrated features for the first time, you will be prompted to sign-into your Twitter account.

Once you have provided your Twitter log-in credentials, you will not be asked to log-in again, as your Twitter account will now be linked to your Engage account.
Note: Front-end users will not be able to see your Twitter account.

Revoke Engage Access to Twitter

To revoke Engage’s access to Twitter’s API:

  1. Go to Twitter and log-in with the Twitter credentials you used to authorize access to Engage.
  2. In the navigation bar at the top, click on your profile picture to access your Settings.

  3. Click on Apps in the left-sidebar and locate the Engage app.
  4. Click Revoke access to remove access to Twitter integrated features in Engage’s back-end experience.
    Note: To use Engage’s Twitter-integrated features, you will be required to re-authorize the Engage app. You can do this by logging-into Twitter from the Twitter log-in prompt in the back-end.