A plugin or theme has stopped working. What should I do?

Every WordPress user, at some point, will go through this: one of the features of any of the plugins or the themes installed on the site stop working apparently for no reason. The good news is that this is easy to solve!

Why does this happen?

Usually, this type of error starts to happen due to some incompatibility between plugins, between plugin versions or even with WordPress itself, which may have stopped supporting an essential function for the plugin to work correctly.

How do I fix it?

The first step is to investigate if there is an update available for the plugin or theme that has stopped working. If that is the case, it is recommended to perform the update.

If the error persists, the chances of your plugin being incompatible with another plugin or theme is great. To test this:

  • Disable all plugins;
  • Activate only the plugin that is malfunctioning—or, if the error is in the theme, keep all plugins disabled;
  • Check whether it works again.

If the plugin or theme is working normally now, start activating one by one of the other plugins used on the site and doing tests to see if it still works. During this test, you will notice that one of the plugins, when activated, causes the other to stop working. In that case, check for updates for that particular plugin—if there are, it is a good practice is to perform that update. If there are no updates available, contact the developers of the plugins so that they are aware of the incompatibility and seek a solution.

If the problem is not resolved even when deactivating all plugins and keeping only what was not working, contact the developer of the tool: it is very likely a bug in its code.

Alternative solutions

In many cases, the problem is in the code of the plugin itself, and the development team for that tool may take some time to find and provide a definitive solution. The advantage of WordPress is that it is possible to find several plugins that fulfill the same function, and that there is an active and willing community to help in such cases. Here in this article we show you how to get that kind of help!