WordPress diagnostics is showing errors! What should I do?

Did your WordPress diagnosis point to any critical error on your site? Rest assured that we will explain what these errors are and how to fix them!

First of all, rest assured that most of this report consists mostly of recommendations and does not affect your website's functionality. All errors are split between critical errors and recommended improvements.

Starting with critical errors, some of the most common are:

Plugin and theme updates: it is recommended that you keep your WordPress plugins and themes up to date. This will not make your website stop working, but it is extremely important to ensure the perfect functioning of its elements and WordPress security.

Background updates disabled: this indicates that automatic WordPress updates are disabled, and you can check the reason for this here. Again, this will not nothing your website from running.

Now, for the recommended improvements. The most common ones are:

WordPress update available: This is just a warning that your WordPress is not at the latest version. If your website is on Stage and you want to update, just ask through help@rockcontent.com.

Remove plugins and deactivated themes: this point is highly recommended, as keeping components in your WordPress that are not in use can occupy your site's memory and slow it down. Therefore, it is important to delete them once and for all to avoid this problem.

Missing recommended modules: if your site is hosted with on Stage, you don't need to worry because we have modules similar to the ones WordPress recommends which fulfill the same functions but offer best performance.

If your website is not on Stage, it is worth taking a look at what these modules are and why they are missing. However, again, you need not worry as it is just a recommendation that does not prevent the website from working.

Website not using HTTPS: this point indicates that your website has no SSL Certificate, and it is important to check the reason why. If your site is on Stage, send us an email at help@rockcontent.com so we can investigate.

301 redirection disabled: this warning is about a specific plugin, Really Simple SSL, and only points out that one of its functions is disabled. It is not an essential function for your website's functionality, so you only need to activate it if you think it is necessary.

These are the most common errors pointed out within WordPress diagnosis. If you have any other reported error that we did not mention above, just contact us at help@rockcontent.com and we will help you understand what it is about!