Rock Stage testing environment

Updating or making changes to a website is very common. But if these changes are made the wrong way, they can damage your site or even take it down. That's why Rock Stage customers have a safe and easy way to do this!

What is a testing environment?

It's an exact copy of your website, it's that simple! All of your information is replicated in a new WordPress instance, so you can test the changes you want to make before applying them to the website that your customers see.

Why is it important?

The testing environment allows you to see if that layout change you have been planning for months will really look good when applied to your site, or if the new functionality you plan to use will not break any of your pages. This environment's function is to give you the freedom and confidence to make changes to your website without having to take the risk of affecting your users negatively.

How to create a test environment in my Stage account?

This functionality is available to customers who have plans from "Business" and higher. In case you are not yet our customer or your plan does not have this functionality? Click here to speak to one of our consultants.

Log in to the Stage platform, and in your site listing, click on "Dashboard":

After that, at the left side menu, you will click on "Environments":

A screen like this will open. Then, click on "Create test environment":

After that, the platform will take a while to create this environment. When it is ready, you will be able to access this copy and your WordPress:

All done! From there, you can continue with the test editions in this new environment.

Common questions

What happens if I delete the test environment?

You will lose any changes made to the test site, but don't worry: your official site will not be affected in any way. You can always recreate a new test environment.

Can I have two test environments for the same site?

You cannot.

What happens when I delete my official website?

If there is a test environment associated with that site, it will also be deleted.

What access data should I use to access WordPress from my testing environment?

Since the testing environment is an exact copy of your official website, the login information is also the same! This means you can access it with the same email and password that you use for the website that is available to your users.

Will edits I make in the test environment be automatically copied to my official website?

No. The testing environment's role is to allow you to make edits without affecting your official website, so any changes you make to it are not reflected in any other environment.