Support: Understanding Query String Parameters

ion automatically captures and stores information that is passed in on the query string. You can dynamically pass query string data out to an external site, include this data in your integrations, and/or use it to trigger advanced logic within your page. By using content variables in your handoff URL, ion will take whatever data was passed in and include it on the query string when a respondent clicks your link. For instance, if you are passing in keywords using the query string variable "kw," you can set up  your handoff URL as seen below:

*NOTE: If you would like to change the variable that passes keyword information back out of your ion console, you can set up your handoff URL as seen below.

Please also note, if you are passing more than query string variable out of your ion console, you will want to utilize a question mark before the first variable and an ampersand before all subsequent query string variables. For example:{{utm_campaign}}&utm_medium={{utm_medium}}