How To Search Through The Ion Console Easily?

Easily search within your Ion console for content, respondents, or even traffic sources!

On the top navigation bar from anywhere within the platform, click Search and choose what you would like to search:


Search for content:

You can search for any word or phrase you would like to find within your creatives. With advanced options, you can even narrow to a specific portfolio and campaign and even select which creative modes you would like to search within: design, engaged, and/or disabled.


Search for respondents:

You can search a term within respondent data and even choose a specific data name to search within.


Search for traffic sources:

You can search for a traffic source by full URL or traffic source path. Even partial matches are allowed.

Important! When you delete a URL this also implies deletion of all the data collected on it, including the respondents and metrics of that URL. Deleting traffic sources would mean deleting respondents (respondents = collected data).

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