Scheduling a support call: everything you need to know

When dealing with online services, sometimes simple issues end up being prolonged due to limitations in the communication channels. With that in mind, we decided to implement another coverage channel: video conferences with our specialists!

Ok, but how does it work?

Within our platform, in the support field, it is possible to select the option “schedule a call”. Then, you will have to tell us a little more about your question, so we are more prepared for the call, ensuring that we can help with it within our scope of support. With this information, the specialist will contact you through the email registered on the platform to schedule the meeting.  This appointment takes place within 5 business days of your request.

It is important to remember that, with this call, you can solve questions and problems related to hosting - this does not necessarily mean that the eventual problem will be solved immediately. In addition, the topic to be discussed must be within our scope of support, or we will not be able to help.

When do we recommend scheduling a meeting?

Scheduling a videoconference is indicated for questions such as:

  • I want to make the domain appointment for Rock Stage, tried to follow the tutorials, can access to my domain manager, but I'm still unsure;
  • I have a question about customizing Rock templates, I've seen the tutorials in the Help Center, but my question is very specific - and I can't explain it via chat or email, which has faster service;
  • I am scheduling the launch of my website for a specific day, I can access my domain manager and want to ensure that I will make the appointment correctly on the day of the big launch;
  • I identified a bug in the Stage platform and even following the same step by step as me, the support team is unable to simulate the error.

Who has access to the call requests?

Call scheduling is available for customers up to Business plan. Enterprise plan customers are entitled to make 2 calls of 15 minutes each per month, and Business customers, 1 monthly 15-minute call.

In case of urgency, should I schedule a call?

No. Support meetings are designed to answer questions or solve complex but not urgent problems. Therefore, the service SLA can be up to 5 business days.

For urgent requests, it is recommended to seek assistance in the chat, in which our specialists will respond within minutes.