Can I compose texts offline?

What's the best way to manage request revisions?

How many orders can I check out at a time?

What should I do if a customer changes requirements for an order in-progress?

How long do I have to wait for Topic Pitch Approvals?

Lack of customer messaging responsiveness: How should I manage and resolve?

How do the extension requests and extension approvals work on orders?

Can I compose texts offline?

Yes, writers can copy and paste text from a word processor into the text box on an order.

What's the best way to manage request revisions?

As part of the WriterAccess delight guarantee policy, customers can request revisions if the order does not meet their expectations on the requirements, specifications, and guidelines set forth on the order form. All the requirements should be reviewed by you, the freelancer, and agreed to as part of the terms and conditions.

Clients typically request revisions for a number of reasons:

• The freelancer did not fulfill an instruction/requirement on the order form

• Unacceptable work or content quality (grammar, punctuation, formatting, style/tone, design aspects, etc.)

• Copyscape matches on written content

• SEO/linking requirements not met on written content

Freelancers are given 48 hours to perform the revision request.

Freelancers are expected to comply with revision requests as a rule and requirement.

WriterAccess encourages freelancers to notify the help desk if they have any questions or concerns about a client abusing revision requests, including changing the original project scope, ignoring requests for support, or unclear instructions and requirements.

Freelancers may opt to drop orders with burdensome revision requests, and in so doing forfeit the payment for services as set forth in the terms and conditions.

Any and all dropped orders and orders that do not meet the customer's expectations as tagged on an order shall be reviewed by the WriterAccess team. 

Customers that continue to submit orders that are unclear or dropped by freelancers may be terminated. Likewise, freelancers that continue to drop orders or fail to accommodate valid revision requests will be subject to review and possible termination.

How many orders can I check out at a time?

The seasoned freelancers here at WriterAccess have dubbed our system's order spaces "garages." Having a 5-car garage means that you can check out 5 orders at a time, and so on.

Garage Space Guidelines:

There are 2 garages: Crowd/Match Me Up orders share one garage; Love List orders are a separate garage. 

New freelancers can put 1 order in each garage.

Once their first 10 orders are approved, writers can put 5 orders in each garage. 

A freelancer can claim an unlimited amount of Solo orders. These are orders that customers assign only to one freelancer to work on solo.

If an order was sent to a group of freelancers and will expire in less than two hours, it can also be claimed no matter how many orders you already have checked out.

Orders that are pending topic approval count for one-third of a space, rounded down: two paused or topic pitch orders would take up no space at all, but a third one would consume a full space.

Once an order is off to the customer for approval, the space is cleared out and you can fill it with another order. 


What should I do if a customer changes requirements for an order in-progress?

Adhering to the instructions, specifications, rulesets, and guidelines are required with order/project execution.

But any changes with the instructions by the customer after the order is placed is prohibited, especially if the order is in progress or partially completed.

If you can accommodate the customer's new requests, then hats off to you for the fabulous support that makes WriterAccess so great. 

If the project scope changes considerably, you can also ask that a bonus be added to the order upon approval of the work. The extra work would need to be performed in good faith, so document the changes and agreed-upon price using the messaging system.

If you choose to not make the changes, you can drop the order without any penalty, and the customer can revise the specifications and resubmit the order to you or any other freelancer.

Do open a help desk ticket for support and documentation of the revision requests so we can look for patterns and help to support you in several ways.

How long do I have to wait for Topic Pitch Approvals?

After submitting two or three topic pitch ideas to customers that request the service, allow for three to five days for approval. If one of the topics is not approved or rejected within one week (seven days) of the pitch, you may release the order penalty-free.

We recommend leaving a brief and professional note for the client, along the lines of: "Releasing order due to pending topic approval. Feel free to re-send the order to me for execution with approved topic if desired."

Lack of customer messaging responsiveness: How should I manage and resolve?

Customers are typically short on time, but big on quality content. Lack of communication can be a snag to delivering on goals, but don't let that snag your workflow.

In general, if questions are not answered, you should carry on and deliver projects to the best of your ability, without the information you seek and require for better success.

If for some reason you receive a below expectation rating on the order, please open a Help Desk Ticket for our talent management team to review when your star rating review is due.

How do the extension requests and extension approvals work on orders?

We understand that workflow can be easily interrupted, and you may need extra time on a deadline. But at the same time, customers often have tight publishing deadlines and need freelancers they can trust to deliver on those goals.

To help us hit the goals with the flexibility you need to prioritize your work, we require customers to tag orders with delivery flexibility allowed, or not allowed, with each order, visible to you when you reserve an order.

Allowed: You can request an extension one time only for an order, and drop in the worst-case scenario delivery date. Since the extension was pre-approved, this becomes the new delivery date, unless the customer specifically disapproves of your newly proposed delivery date.

Not Allowed: Customer can also not allow an extension on an order, which once again you can view when you pick up the order and agree to the terms. If for some reason you cannot deliver the project due to an emergency, please drop the order ASAP and open a help desk ticket immediately so we can communicate with the customer and try to find a new delivery date or another freelancer to perform the work timely.