Registering your staff members

Bringing your team to iClips is the first step towards successful management

One of the first steps in using iClips is the Employee Registration. At this point, you will register all important information about your employees in the system. In addition, it will also define access permissions according to each of their departments.

Before we begin, it is important to note that it is necessary to register all employees of the company, even those who will not access iClips. At the moment of registration, it is possible to define whether a given employee will have access to the system or not, but their presence in the software is essential for posting salaries and commissions in the financial sector, for example.

To enter your staff's data, go to Settings > Employees at the side menu.

Just click on the New employee button and you will be taken to the registration page.

Another way to register employees is through the shortcut button at the left menu. Simply click on the "+" and select the Employee option. That way, you will be automatically redirected to the employee's registration page:

Basic data

When you start filling in the Data tab, you can see that the mandatory items will have a red highlight on the side:

In this first screen, you will fill in your employee's basic data. It will also be possible to define:

  • If they will have access to iClips or if they will only be registered to be included in your financial management;
  • Whether they are an active employee or not. If they are no longer an active employee, just toggle the "In Activity" button;
  • The "Home Page", which is the first screen they will have access to when logging into iClips.


In the second tab of the employee registration, you will define the access permissions within the system. These permissions are divided according to the following modules: Registrations; Jobs; Reports; Financial. In addition to these, you can also set permissions for Administrator, Advanced Change and System Settings.

After setting the permissions according to the employee's department, we can proceed with the registration.


You can also register the address(es) of your employees. When accessing the Address tab, just click on the "+ New address" button. A pop-up window will open for the data to be entered.

When entering the zip code, the system automatically fills in the street, the city, the state and the country! If you do not have this information beforehand, just fill in the remaining fields manually. Please note that items with the red bar on the side are mandatory!

Additional information

In the Information tab, you can enter other employee data:

It is possible to add the employee's photo to facilitate his identification when determining activities, for example! You can also fill in the phone number, date of birth, bank details, place of birth, education, experience and hobbies. This way, the employee's registration will be quite complete in the system.

In case the employee themselves fill in this information, they can access it directly by login. To do this, just click on the avatar and select Profile:

A pop up will open with the same previously mentioned information:


Lastly, we have the Salaries and Commission tab!

As you can see, in this tab it is possible to add all the information related to your employee's salary and commissions, in addition to the date of admission, payment and dismissal. The hourly value field is extremely important, as your agency can generate reports that take into account the hourly value x the number of hours worked by the employee based on it.

The Commission and Dates fields are open to those who have access to the Employee Registration.

It is important to note that the more complete the registration, the more you will know your employee. Now, you can register all of your agency's staff correctly, in a practical and fast way!


Still need help? Simply reach us at or through the chat platform and we will help you!