Redirect options

Redirect URL: check what are the redirect setups available in the Ion platform.

The Ion platform delivers 99.99% uptime with enterprise-class reliability. In the extremely rare event that there is an interruption in service, you have the ability to redirect respondents to an external page relevant to their click. This is managed at the domain-level and most important to customers that use the Ion platform for multiple brands. You can also create redirects at the traffic source level in case a respondent visits an expired Ion URL. If you do not need to create redirects specific to each traffic source, the Ion campaign-level fallback URL will be used. In any special scenario, even those that are unlikely,  Ion will be ready to automatically redirect respondents to the URLs you've specified in set-up and creation.


Here's a breakdown of all redirect options available in the Ion platform:


URL: An Ion URL drives respondents into a creative or test group of creatives. URLs can be closed manually or set to auto-close on a date you specify. If a respondent attempts to visit a URL that has expired, you have control over where the respondent is redirected to. When adding a new URL or editing an existing one, you can specify your URL level redirect here, and define whether this should be a 301 or 302 redirect. 

However, you might not need to implement redirects at such a granular level, which brings us to the campaign-level fallback URL.


Campaign: When adding a new campaign, the Ion platform will ask you to input a fallback URL. If a respondent attempts to visit a traffic source URL that has expired, the platform will first attempt to redirect to the traffic source level redirect described above. If a redirect URL isn't specified at the traffic source, the respondent will be driven into the campaign level fallback.


Domain: In the rare event of service interruption, the Ion platform will drive respondents to the redirect URL specified in the Domain Manager, under Settings > Domains. If a respondent visits during a service interruption, for example, the platform will drive the respondent to the redirect URL specified for in the Domain manager. When adding or editing a (sub)domain under Settings > Domains, you'll be able to input your domain-specific redirect. Please note, this should not be an Ion traffic source URL.


Console: When your console is provisioned, it will be assigned a console-level fallback URL that is typically the subscription owner's main website. In the rare event of service interruption, Ion platform users will be redirected to this URL if the console is momentarily unavailable. The console-level fallback URL is stored under Setting > Configure Site, but should not be edited prior to contacting your account manager.