Work Management

Tips and tricks to help you manage your work.

Can I block orders and communication from a customer?

You cannot block a client, but you can use the settings in the client’s profile to change what you see from that client. To get to that page:
  • Click on the linked name of the client in either a message or order.
  • Check off the Invisible, Suppress Love List Emails or Suppress Casting Call Notification boxes to reduce the information you receive about that client.

Can I use programs or plugins ("bots"), like Check4Change, Auto Refresh, etc?

No. These programs and plugins can place an undue load on our server and create errors for other platform users. While WriterAccess does understand the competitive nature of securing non-solo orders, programs and plugins that check automatically for changes are not allowed in order to ensure the health of the site as a whole. The WriterAccess tech team performs periodic checks to ensure our talent is not using these programs and will reach out to offenders via their listed email with a request to stop use. If use continues, the talent is given a final warning before they are removed from the platform.


Shall I notify you if I'm going to be working internationally?

If you plan to work internationally, you may experience login issues, depending on the destination country and internet connection.

To avoid problems, please open a help desk ticket and let us know of your plans so we may offer assistance if needed.


My internet connection is problematic; what do I do?

Don’t panic! If you lose internet there are a few tricks that we can suggest

  1. Create a hotspot.
  2. Many businesses will offer free Wi-Fi, some old standbys include coffee shops, hotels, and libraries.
  3. If all else fails, and delivering orders/projects is disrupted...
  • Request extensions if available
  • Prioritize orders that do not have extensions
  • Open a help desk ticket to communicate your situation so we can help with support, find other writers to help you out, or manage delivery