Terms and Termination

How can I avoid WriterAccess terminating my account?

To ensure freelancers are meeting the needs of our customers, we have a few penalties that you should avoid if possible. Accumulation of penalties can lead to temporary removal of garage space.
  • Grace Period Violation: Every time you accept an order, you get one hour to cancel for any reason. If you drop an assignment after that one hour, you may get a penalty that can lead to a lower star rating.
  • Checkout Violation: A checkout violation occurs when the timer on an order expires. When this happens, the order is taken away from you and sent to another writer. Like grace period violations, checkout violations result in a penalty to your account that can lead to a lower star rating.
  • Extension Requests: Life gets in the way sometimes for everyone. This is why WriterAccess allows you free extension requests if you need them. Once the deadline timer on an order gets down to 12 hours, you'll see a button appear that says you can request an extension.

If you find yourself coming up short on time and have exhausted your free extension requests, then you can ask the client for more time, but you risk getting a penalty when you do so. If you incurred a penalty but feel it was unfair or unwarranted, leave a brief note for our Talent Management team by visiting My Info > Rebuttals on the left-hand side of the screen. The penalty may be waived when reviewed.


How do I close my account?

We would hate to see you go, but we understand that WriterAccess may not be the best fit for everyone. To close your account, simply click on “Close Account” under My Info and select a few options to manage your departure. Do reach out to us in the future. And know that we will always welcome you back any time.

Do you check written content for duplication and plagiarism?

Yes. All articles are automatically scanned for copyright infringement using Copyscape. All detections are listed for clients' review and verification on orders.

Can you sell the same finished project to several clients?

No. All content must be completely new and original. Any plagiarism or reselling of the same content by freelancers will result in an immediate review and termination.