Modifying Your Stream's Details

Modifying your Streams details is an important part of managing an effective and engaging experience.  Below are instructions on how to personalize and enhance your stream according to your preferences.  And as we know, it's all in the details.


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Change your Stream's Title

If the purpose of your stream has changed, you may want to change your stream's name. This can be done by returning to the Basic Setup page.

To modify your stream's title:

  1. Go to your stream's Basic Setup page by clicking Setup > Stream at the top of stream.
  2. Locate the Title field and modify the title of your stream.
  3. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Basic Setup page to save your preferences.

Note: Modifying your stream's title will not change your stream's URL.

Change your Stream's Description

When setting up your stream, you have the option to add a description. In certain cases, this description will be visible for your front-end users to see. See those cases below:

Where does your Stream's Description appear?


  • When you publish your stream to a whitelabel template, your stream's description will appear on the whitelabel listing page (such as your 'All Streams' page)
  • Your stream's description will also appear on your whitelabel's stream page, beneath your stream's title.

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  • Setting a description in your stream's Basic Setup settings will also allow your description to appear in the Live Market if a Market Description is not provided.

To modify your stream's description:

  1. Go to your stream's Basic Setup page by clicking  Setup > Stream at the top of the page.
  2. Locate the Description box. Modify your stream's description.
  3. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Basic Setup page to commit your changes.

Set a Time Zone for your Stream

The time zone selected on your stream's Basic Setup page will affect all scheduled actions - stream open and close times, scheduled and reordered posts.

To change your stream's time zone:

  • Go to your stream's Basic Setup page, by clicking Setup > Stream at the top of your stream.
  • Locate the Time Zone drop-down menu and select the appropriate time zone for your stream by selecting a city closest to you in the available options.
  • Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Basic Setup page to commit your changes.

Note: If you are unable to locate a city closest to you, select a city in your time zone. If you are unsure of your time zone, click here to visit Wikipedia's Time Zone page.


Change the Language of your Stream

Changing the language of your stream will change the embed interface (i.e., Make a Comment, Share, Options) to the language of your preference.

Note: Changing the language will not change the whitelabel interface language, as the interface of a whitelabel can only be in one language and will appear in the language specified in your browser settings.