I can't find an information/item inserted in iClips

This article assists in the search for various data inserted in iClips. Within minutes you will be able to audit the system!

If you are looking for some information in the system and can't find it, Auditing may be the solution! In iClips Audit, you can search for any information entered so that you know which area you are in, your complete history if it has been changed or even deleted.

To access this area, you need to go to Settings> Audit.

1. How to search for an item: 

When entering the Audit screen, you must make a filter in the "Advanced Search". In this search, you will find several filter possibilities, including "Entity", where you can select any existing information in iClips.

And if you know the item number, you can include the "Code", making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Below is an example of a search for "Entity":

With the Advanced Search, you can search for information and, when performing the search, by clicking on any item, you'll have details of what was done and which employee performed the action.

It is also possible to do a broader search for a keyword, employee, date and action (Manual, Inclusion, Change or Exclusion).

In the case of the search for a collaborator, you'll have access to all the actions they performed in the system.

 2. Understand the entities that you can look for in the Audit:

The "entity" are all items related to iClips departments, from registration to reports. It is possible to search for any action linked to the chosen entity.

Following these instructions, it will be possible to perform several searches to find the information you are looking for.

Now, whenever you need to find some information, be sure to use iClips Audit ;)