How to set the print header for documents generated in iClips

In this article, we will learn how to set up information of your agency in the header.

The print data field will be quite useful to save you some time when filling everyday information.

Each document issued in iClips (Proposal, O.S, PI, budgets, monthly fee, etc.) is generated in PDF with a header that can be customized by the agency, along with an image and data pertinent to the document.

To access the filling screen, go to settings > agencies, select the agency in question, go to the tab ‘data’ and the item ‘others’, located in the browsing options on the left side of the screen. Check it out:

In addition to setting as a default the general information of your agency for printing documents, iClips also offers the option of inserting your logo. This feature aims to further personalize printed documents. To insert this, simply attach the image in a jpg extension with a width and height of 200x64 pixels.

Why do these settings?

These settings aim to optimize your time in filling out information that is always used by the agency and create a standard for issuing your documents.

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