How to register / edit the bank accounts of the agency?

Understand what process to follow to register your accounts within iClips.

Account registration is one of the most important aspects when implementing your financial processes on iClips. In this article, we will learn how to register these accounts and their importance to control the financial health of your agency efficiently.

The first step is to register the agency's accounts. The path is FINANCE > ACCOUNTS. Click on ‘+ New Account’ and enter the information.

What data should I enter in iClips?
In iClips, whenever the field has a red mark, it means that filling it out is required.
In this step, enter a name for the account, branch, checking account and the bank.

Important: iClips does not offer financial integration with any bank, that is, what happens in your account is not imported into the system. Therefore, bank information must be updated whenever there is a change.

In order for your bank account balance to be synchronized with iClips, it is necessary that the initial balance registered by the bank balance of the day before the start of financial activities in iClips. For example, I will start using iClips finance from 1/1/2020, so the registration date will be 1/1/19 and the balance will be of the end of 12/31/19, so that Day 1 transaction do not change the bank balance incorrectly.

After that information is filled out, click on ‘Save’.

Payment slip issuing
In iClips, there are two ways to issue s payment slip: via PJBank and traditional payment slip.
To issue traditional slips, the path is FINANCE > ACCOUNTS > PAYMENT SLIP DATA (Learn how to do this action).

In this case, it is necessary to generate a payment and return files directly through your bank's internet banking. In addition, it is necessary to fill in some information:

Using the integration with PJBANK, in addition, having a simpler and faster process, the download in iClips is automatic, and the amount is credited in your account within 2 business days. See here for more information on how to generate slips via PJBANK.

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