How to manage each employee’s permissions

Understand how the management of permissions works on iClips in just two minutes!

iClips allows each employee to have access only to menus referred to their department. This tool is very important to restrict access to Finance and BI Reports, for example, information that needs to be shared only among people responsible for finance and managers.

To set up permissions, go to settings > employees.

Register a new employee or edit an existing one, then go to the tab ‘Permissions’ in the top of the screen.

It is possible to allow reading and writing of information in the menus, but you can also only allow reading when the employee needs to check information but should not alter it.

Just select the checkbox corresponding to writing/reading in each item.

In case you have any doubt about what permission that is referring to, you can use the information icon that is in the right side.

Not that once selected the icon displays details about the permission that will be activated in that item, specifying what can be done in the system in terms of reading and writing.

Now that you already know how to manage your employees' permissions, be sure to check if they have the access they need to perform their activities on iClips!

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