How to make a Customer Service productivity report

We will teach you how to calculate the productivity of your Customer Service team.

iClips allows you to visualize the current productivity of the employees responsible for Customer Service in the company, having a clear view of the work of those responsible for projects that are arriving or are already running at the agency.

Go to REPORTS> PROJECTS> PROJECT SERVICE. The screen will open in white, showing only the options shown on the left side menu.

To generate the results, you need to filter the data in the advanced search field. If you prefer to search for all system data, click on the magnifying glass in front of the filling space.

Once you do this, the system will display the search data in the selected tab.

In the Summary tab, the system shows the registered employees and the number of calls made by each one.

The Report tab shows the projects related to these services, listing each one. It also shows others responsible for the project, the start and completion dates, and the current status of each one.

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Just like other parts of the system, if you change the order in which the data is viewed by Person in Charge, you can read the report more easily.

Cool right? If you still have any questions, just contact the support team by clicking on the balloon in the bottom right corner of your iClips screen!