How to generate a report with each media outlet and program?

In this article, you will learn how to filter media outlets of a specific type and specific programs.

The Program List Report allows you to view all the information of a registered media outlet within the system. For example, in the case of the TV media type, it is possible to view the programs, the viewing time and the value of each insertion.

To do this, go to Reports -> Contracts -> Program List.

The screen will open with no information, displaying only the types of media in the left tab of the screen. To generate the results, you need to filter the data in the advanced search field, where you can filter by a keyword, media outlet and spot.

After completing the search, the system will display the data categorizing them among the types of media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, Magazine, Billboard, Others). These options are found in the navigation items at the top of the screen.

It is possible to print the report in PDF or generate an Excel version by using the icons in the right corner of the screen.

Okay, now just take advantage of this data and have better control of all media outlets registered at your agency.

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