How to check the integration between Rock Convert and the automation tool?

With Rock Convert, it is possible to integrate RD Station, MailChimp, or Hubspot so that the leads captured in the forms are sent directly to the automation tool.

Here, we will teach you how to do this integration! Come on:

1- Check if your Rock Convert is a premium version: to integrate with RD Station and Hubspot, a plugin's paid version is required. If you are a Rock Stage customer, you get this for free!

To check if you alredy got it, access your WordPress panel and go to "Rock Convert> Settings> Integrations":


If they appear blocked as in this image, your Convert is in the free version. Contact to get the premium version!

After setting the premium version, your Convert will look like this:


2- Check if the integration key is there: still within "Integrations", it is possible to check if the key for your automation tool is already inserted in the correct location. In the print above, we see that none of the fields is filled, which shows that there is no integration done.

If it is not, insert the key and you're done! Below each specific field, there is a support link, in case you don't know where to find what you have to insert.

If your automation tool is not one that Convert offers, it is necessary to download a form plugin that can integrate with it. Also, seek support from the automation tool to find out how to link with WordPress.

Any questions? Just send us at, and we will help you right away!