How to automate price list registrations using the Jovedata file?

Are you signed up for Jovedata? See how to integrate it with iClips

To create a Media Plan or a Media Map (IO), it is necessary to have access to the media outlet's price lists, right? Through an integration with Jovedata, you are able to reduce the time spent filling out these items in the table.

Jovedata is a table that contains all the media outlet information that you enter in iClips. Before including it in the system, it is necessary to add some information.

The first step is to register the media outlet on iClips. It is very important that this is well done and includes as much information as possible so that there is no need for rework.

The way to do this is through Settings > Vehicles.

To access the necessary information when adding the file, you need to select Network, which is found in "Complementary Information". This data is fundamental for the inclusion of the Jove file.


After registering all of the media outlet's information, the next step is to go to: Settings > Media Settings - Jove Integration and import the file.


After including the file in iClips, you can check in the media outlet's registration in "Price List" with all of its slots contained in the file and also all programs according to the region.

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What is so great about this integration? Agility and practicality. In a very short time you add all the programs of the broadcaster and are already able to create the Media Plans and Maps (IO) for your client! =)

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