How to adjust the time spent on a task?

When necessary, iClips allows manual adjustment of the timesheet.

The correct use of the timesheet is essential for management analysis within agencies. That is one of the main links that generate inputs for reports within the system but we also know that accidents happen.

To manually adjust the time spent on a task/piece, you need to complete the activity and then follow this path:

  1. Projects > Activity management, or "Projetos" > "Gestão de atividades"
  2. Click on the clock in the upper right corner of the screen

  3. Click on Time Tracking or "Controle de Horas"

  4. Click on the part/task time and edit

Important: you need to have the Traffic and Time Control, or "Tráfego" and "Controle de Horas" permissions on your employee record to make this adjustment.

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