How to add Social Networks and Whatsapp on my blog?

To insert your Whatsapp number on your blog, access the WordPress administration panel and, on the left side menu, go to Appearance → Personalize → Social Networks.


In the option 'Whatsapp', add the following code below:

Where 15417543010 is the plain phone. That is, in this example the phone is: 1-541-754-3010.

And 'hi' is the text that will be sent by default in the message. That is not a mandatory parameter. It is also necessary to put the country code in front, which for the United States is 1.



That done, you can click on publish, and the Whatsapp icon will appear on your blog along with the other social networks added (in the top menu and footer). Thus, just a click on the button will direct the user to the indicated number.

Okay, you now have the link to your Whatsapp on your blog! To the next!

Note: this tutorial is only valid for templates 1, 2, and 3. If your blog is not already using one of those, please contact us about your template viability.

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