How long does the Ion cookie last?

This article will help you set your Creative for the same respondent to re-run integrations and "Respondents Always New", regardless of the duration for Ion cookie.

The Ion cookie saved to browsers when a respondent visits a live experience will persist for 365 days.

How to set integrations to re-run for the same respondent 

The cookie-based criteria that identifies an unique respondent for an integration to run is valid for each URL, so the same respondent can be converted in different pages and the integrations would run only once at each page.

In case you want the same respondent to trigger an integration on the same URL more than once (like when resubmitting a Form), you can set a Rule on your Creative with "No Conditions Required" and the Action to "Mark to Re-run All Integrations". This allows the data collected by that respondent to be exported more than once through a specific integration that is selected as part of this Action. More on this here.

How to set "Respondents Always New"

You could also want to set your Creative for the same respondent to go through the live experience more then once without necessarily seeing their collected data from the previous visits.

Although we cannot prevent cookie - which is why we always recommend to visit the URL after clearing cache and cookies from your browser and/or using it's private navigation - you can go to your URL Management screen, click the “Edit URL & settings” blue button on the right and select "Yes" for Respondent Always New.

When enabled, this option will treat return visitors as new, unique visitors. This can be helpful when using an Ion experience at a conference, trade show or other event where many people may use a single device to submit their information. By enabling this feature, each time a visitor goes through the URL, their data will be saved separately from the previous visit.

For more, please see Create a URL

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