Form Setup: Refer-a-Friend

To include the refer-a-friend option on a form:

  1. Include the question on a form “Would you like to send this to a friend?”
  2. Create new unique first name, last name, and email address data fields for the friend information.
  3. Create a new page in your path for the refer a friend option.
  4. Create a new form just for someone to enter friend data.
  5. Add friend form to the new refer a friend page.
  6. Create an email template for friend referral email.
  7. On the initial form from step 1, use advanced rules to choose the condition if respondent data {ReferFriend} equals {yes}. Choose the action go to next page {page title}.
  8. On the page with the refer-a-friend form, use the triggered email rule to send the friend referral email.