Form Setup: Create multi-step forms

Do you have form fields you would rather not have displayed all at the same time?  No problem!

In Ion, you can link multiple forms together to create a multi-step form experience. To do so, create a separate form for each "step". For a refresher on how to create a form in your ion console, click here. Once each form for each step has been created, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the creative management screen where you plan to utilize your multi-step form
  2. Add pages to your creative for each form step (if necessary)
  3. Open the page editor for the first page where the form will be presented
  4. Place the first step of the form into the form editor. When placing the form, take respondents to the next page where the second step of the form will be located.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other steps while taking respondents to the subsequent page
  6. On the final step of the form, take respondents to a Thank You page, mark the submission of the form as converted and set up your integration rule (if necessary).

To summarize, you can create multi-step forms by simply stringing your pages together in a single creative and marking the final step as your conversion.  With the steps in place, all information will be captured by Ion and passed on to the next step in the creative. Your Ion console captures the data from each step and can export it all together.  You can even export partial completion data for visitors who do not complete the final step.