Dynamic Content Substitution

The ion platform gives you the ability to show and hide content conditionally based on the presence of data for a given data field. This allows you to show different content to different visitors based on the presence of certain query string values or data collected elsewhere in the experience.

For example, you could set your email address form field to hide if you’ve previously collected that visitor's email address. You could also show and hide different headlines and images based on query string information to tailor the experience based on where the visitor is coming from. You could even set a value on the submission of the form so that when that visitor returns, they are shown a different form to put together a progressive profile of the respondent.



Simulate Page Conditions

You can test out your conditional content directly within creative studio as well! After setting up your conditional content, you will see an icon at the top of your creative studio to simulate page conditions.

After enabling this feature, simulate whether or not data is present as well as test out different values to see how the page will look for different visitors based on data that has been collected about them. You can also use this feature to show how your page would look if it were embedded on an external site.