Dynamic Content Insertion

Content passed into ion pages on the query string and/or saved to a data field can be displayed on a page and used within tracking scripts by publishing a content variable on a page or within a tracking script, respectively.

Content variables are defined using two curly brackets on either side of a data name. 

You may want to display a respondent's first name on a Thank You page after they submit a form. In this scenario, you may publish into any text editor on the Thank You page. Below, please find an example of what this would look like on your Thank You page.


Thank you !

*Note: The above example assumes form uses the FirstName data field to collect the respondent's first name.

*Note: if you used the platform before October 8th, this will replace the use of @@ substitution which was previously used for content insertion.

Different types of content variables are used to accomplish different things. Below, please find a list of different types of content variables and what they would be used for.  


Syntax Usage
For standard value (HTML encoded)
For raw value