Designing for the Ion Platform

If your designer(s) would like to create a mockup of a page offline, before building it in the ion platform,  use the attached PSD zip files for reference. ion pages are based on the Bootstrap3 grid, a common, industry-standard responsive design grid. The attached PSDs can be used to ensure that the offline mock ups are created with this grid in mind, helping to ensure that your page can be brought to life in the ion platform with no coding. 

The first zip file that is attached is contains blank PSDs with the Bootstrap grid in place. You can use these PSDs to start building your mockup. 

The second zip file includes PSDs with layers with viewports, grids and labels to help guide you through using the Bootstrap grid for your mockups.

By using these as a starting point, you will be able to ensure that your mockups can be replicated within your console without special customization.

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