Cash flow x Cash projection: What is the difference between them?

Do you know the difference between these two financial reports? Find out now!

Finance reports are very important when analyzing your agency's financial health. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to make the most of the Cash Flow and Projection reports.

What you can see in the Cash Flow report:

In the Cash Flow, we find all the entries that have already been written off (inflows and outflows) in iClips; relevant information to analyze what has already been written off on iClips and what has already been credited in the bank account of the agency.

You can access this report through Finance ⇒ Reports ⇒ Cash Flow

With the search filter, it is possible to show the initial balance and the final balance of the analyzed period - the result of changes between income and expenses.

The display can be summarized or detailed.

In addition to the cash flow, it is possible to see this information in a graph or extract format.

The display in statement format brings information in a very similar way to a bank statement: the number of expenses/ income, date and final account balance. This report is a great option to compare if everything that happened on the bank statement was also entered on iClips.

What you can see in the Cash Projection report:

Unlike the cash flow report (which analyzes what has already been written off), the Cash Projection report aims to analyze future launches (receivable/payable).

You can access it through FINANCE ⇒ REPORTS ⇒ CASH PROJECTION

This report allows for a long-term view. This information is vital for efficient planning and maintenance of the agency's financial health.

By making projections for the future, you have time to take actions to predict possible losses.

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