Artificial Intelligence Guidelines

Read our latest AI content creation policy to help everyone get on the same page. 

Much has changed in 2022 with the AI advancements that could someday change the way we research, create, optimize, edit, and publish content. Machine learning and AI-powered content creation are getting headlines and capturing attention.

Here at Rock Content and WriterAccess, we’ve been closely monitoring the advancements, testing AI-powered software, and even developing our own software that can make the content creation process smarter, better, faster, and wiser.  WriterAccess has led the charge with AI tools to aid the content creation process. For example, our patent pending AI Powered Style Metrics Matcher helps customers pinpoint writers that match their brand's tone and style for orders. And our Topic Finder tool, now in Beta, uses AI to help customers with topic suggestions based on previous orders. Look for more AI announcements coming soon!

Google’s most recent “Helpful Content” update confirms that now more than ever, customers need original, high-quality content that appeals to readers and search engines. The art and science of creating that high-quality content is still in the hands of professional writers and copywriters like you that have the advanced skill to tell great stories and deliver content that transforms browsers into buyers.

Below is our latest AI content creation policy to help everyone get on the same page. 

Original Content Guidelines and Policy for 2023

While AI is great if used properly to assist with ideation, outline creation, and matchmaking, it is unacceptable to be used to write original content.

The centerpiece of the WriterAccess and Rock Content business model is the creation and delivery of original content created to the customer's requirements and specifications by professional writers that are paid for the service.

To ensure the content we deliver is original, we scan all orders with Copyscape Plagiarism Checker software.  Customers access Copyscape Checker Reports for originality verification. And orders with violations above a threshold may be held up with delivery for review by our internal WA content review team. 

By March 29 2023, we will scan all orders with AI Detection Software that will assess the probability that AI-powered tools were used in the content creation process on a scale of 1 to 100. Customers will have access to the AI Detection Reports, along with an explanation of how the probability system works. In addition, we will use regression analysis to develop patterns that help us pinpoint AI creation violations moving forward. Our ability to scan hundreds and thousands of content assets created and delivered in the platform will also help us train the detection algorithm, and pinpoint violations.

Potential originality violations, either detected by our reports or surfaced by our customers, will be reviewed by our editorial review team and examined for violations and account status.

Both talent and customers will have access to both the Copyscape Plagiarism Report and AI Detection Reports after orders are delivered to customers. And reports will continue to be used for star rating reviews with talent.

AI Content Creation Tool Policy for 2023 and Beyond

Using AI-powered content creation tools violates the terms and conditions that require you, the freelance writer, to create original content that meets customers’ specifications and requirements.