Viewing Rock Convert events in Google Analytics

Note: This feature is available from version 2.1.4 on.

Since version 2.1.4, it is now possible to view the click data on the banners created by Rock Convert within Google Analytics!

Follow the tutorial to set up the integration between Rock Convert and Google Analytics

1 - Access your Google Analytics account and go to the Settings page, then click on Goals.


2 - Then click on new goal. We’ll set a new goal based on click events on Rock Convert banners.

In the first part of the form, under goal setting, select Custom.

Choose a name for the goal and select the Event option in the Type section and click to continue.

In this example, we named the goal Click CTA Rock Convert.


3 - In details of the goal, define the following values:

  • Category: same as RockConvertCTA
  • Action: same as Click

The Label and Value fields can be blank.

After filling in the fields above, click on Save.


And voilà! Now the click events on Rock Convert banners will be collected by Google Analytics.

Viewing goals in Google Analytics

Now that the events are being collected, we need to analyze the results of each banner, right?

To do this, within Google Analytics, go to Conversions > Goals > Overview.


After that, click on the Goal Completions box and select the goal that you created in the previous step.

In this example, our goal is called Click CTA Rock Convert.

The events will have the following values:

  • Category: RockConvertCTA
  • Action: Click
  • Label: [name of the banner registered within WordPress]

It’s done!

Now you can track the performance of each banner created by Rock Convert within Google Analytics. 🙂